Education Service Office

The North Carolina National Guard Education Services Office provides Soldiers and Airmen with a variety of services to include:


  • Counseling Service Members on how to maximize benefits while pursuing a College Degree

  • Manage Federal Tuition Assistance for Soldiers in the NC ARNG

  • Provide general Education Briefings to units upon request

  • Manage NCTAP (NC Tuition Assistance Program) for Soldiers & Airmen in the NCNG

  • Processes College transcripts for both Officer & Enlisted Soldiers

  • Manage GI Bill Eligibility

  • Counseling for Service Members on transferring their GI Bill benefits to their spouse/dependent(s)

GI Bill

When identifying a starting point in pursuit of higher education, its best to start at the end. Ask yourself, what is your end goal? Then evaluate how far have you have come thus far in pursuit of that goal.


Fun Facts

  • Not all career fields require a 4-year degree.

  • Some may require a certificate, credential, or Associate's Degree.

  • Depending on the field, organization, and local economy, employers may accept experience in place of education.


Additional Items to Consider

  • Do you have an experience working in that particular field?

  • Perform an online search to confirm what the entry level requirements are.

  • Talk with someone currently working in the field. Ask if any additional education or training would make you more competitive for entry into the field or set you up for future career progression. 

  • If a degree is needed, are certifications need as well? 

NC Tuition Assistance Program (NC TAP)

  • A reimbursement program for actively drilling Army & Air Guard members of North Carolina

  • Available for use before attending IADT

  • Applicable at community college or technical, trade, or vocational training, proprietary, State educational institutions; two-year associate, four-year baccalaureate, graduate degree, or graduate certificate

  • Members must have a minimum obligation of two years remaining as a member of the North Carolina National Guard from the time of the application; or extend membership for an additional two years of more from the time of the application

  • Payable at the in-state tuition rate only. Any member of the NCNG that is a nonresident is eligible to be charged an in-state tuition rate. See you military affairs office for more information


Click the link below to fill out an NC Tap Application and Apply:

Federal Tuition Assistance

FTA is financial assistance provided for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a Soldier's professional and personal self-development goals. To get started visit the  ArmyIgnitED website

To qualify you must have completed initial MOS training requirements.

What do I get?

  • FTA will pay up to $250 per semester hours and up to 16 SHs per fiscal year

  • Lifetime limit of 130 undergraduate semester hours and 39 graduate semester hours

  • Up to 21 additional semester hours for a certificate

  • FTA will pay toward one credential at each of the following levels:

    • Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate

    • First Professional degrees are NOT eligible (i.e. doctorate degrees, Juris doctorate)

Requirements/ Obligations

  • Have an ETS or MRD after completion of FTA funded course(s)

  • Officer and Commissioned Warrant Officers are subject to a four year Reserve Duty Obligation (RDSO) or two year Active Duty Service Obligation

  • The college is regionally or nationally accredited

  • The funded course(s) meets a requirement listed in your personalized degree plan provided by the school

  • You maintain an undergraduate GPA of 2.0 or a graduate GPA of 3.0 for FTA-funded courses

  • You must submit your FTA request at least 7 business days prior to the course start date

Onward to Opportunity (O2O)

Onward to Opportunity (O2O) formerly known as the Veteran Career Transition Program (VCTP) is a free career training program that provides professional certification and job placement support to transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses. O2O combines industry-validated curricula, strong partnerships with leading veteran service organizations and private sector companies to provide professional certification and employment services support to transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses.

NCNG Apprenticeship Program

For those Soldiers that have spent time on Active duty or have been in their MOS for a while, Check out the NCNG Apprenticeship Program. (Flyer Below) Scan the QR and fill out your information, If you qualify you will be given two apprentice certificates from the North Carolina Community College System and the Department of Labor.

These can go towards your education points, promotion packets, resumes, or can be transferred into college credits.

Joint Service Transcript

For those Soldiers looking to go back to school, your Joint Service Transcript transfers classes you attended with the military (DLs included) can be transferred into College credits and can bring you closer to your degree goals.

Education Office Contact Information

Public Website: > Services & Support > Education Services Office

Phone: (984) 664-6272


NCTAP Phone Number: (704) 391-4426

Student Loan Repayment Phone Number: (984) 664-6331

Student Loan Repayment Email Address:

Apprenticeship Flyer
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